Rafe Beckley Piers Ryman 

Audiobook Narrator & Voice Artist

Audio Box Sets narrated by Rafe Beckley / Piers Ryman
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I’m an audiobook narrator and voice artist with a background in professional theatre acting and directing. If you want someone who can deliver a great read – on time and on budget – I can help.

I offer full-service audiobook production including editing and mastering. I can also provide raw punch and roll files on request.

My per finished hour rates are in line with industry standards, and could be more affordable than you think.

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Choosing Rafe as the narrator for my first audio book was honestly the best decision I could have made.
Hannah Lynn
Working with Rafe was a lot of fun… It was not a simple narration, but a full, fruity cast of characters delivered with rare comic timing.
Alicia Cameron
He does different voices for the various characters, has great pacing and delivers the humor perfectly.
Audiobook Reviewer
Once again another great narration!
April Abtey-Pettigrew
Audiobook Reviewer
Rafe Beckley did a great job! … Nice work!
Melissa and Josh
Audiobook Reviewers





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